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Mary Benton, Ph.D.      Clinical Psychologist
​There are times in everyone's lives when difficult situations, stresses or health problems threaten to overwhelm. If you are finding yourself in such a place, I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss how my services as a Clinical Psychologist may help. 

I know it is often not an easy thing to call a psychologist for the first time. Please know that my first goal is always to understand without judgment. From there, we can explore therapy options as well as life changes that will fit your individual needs...
Services offered:

Individual, marital and group psychotherapy.

Cognitive and personality assessment.
Seed of Hope #1:  Life is a process and constantly changing. I will not always feel this way (even if it seems like I will...​)

Contact Us

 Memory & Psychological Services, Inc.

 Phone: (440) 546-0048

 Address: 8180 Brecksville Rd, Suite 115
              Brecksville, Ohio 44141

​ (emergency? call 216-623-6888 or go to the nearest emergency room)

On page 2, I will tell you about some of the problems and conditions that I treat most often.     (click here for page 2)